Remanufactured Replacement Tri-Color Ink Cartridge for C6578AN / HP 78

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Great product at an affordable price

Quick service. Works great. Better than the other ink supplier I tried.

Sandra W.
So glad I found swiftink!

I think we can all agree that HP's prices for ink cartridges are exorbitant. However, the last time I tried to purchase a generic ink cartridge, it only provided blue and yellow, but no red. When I asked for a refund, they wanted me to perform some strange steps: 1. Wrap it in a paper towel and shake it 6 times 2. Sit the cartridge on a damp paper towel for 3 minutes 3. Clean the printhead with rubbing alcohol and try again. After all this, it still didn't work and then I had to complete a form to get a return shipping label. Of course, I was still unable to print!
Thank goodness I found swiftink! The price was right, the cartridge works just fine and my printer is back up and running! I will be a return customer and will spread the word!

Sylvia T.
HP tri color replacement

No longer able to get HP cartridge 78 for old printer. In the past tried re manufactured ones and was disappointed. (not worth the money saved, so paid the manufacturers high price) This worked perfectly out of the box and the results were very good. (the price was about a third of the manufacturers).

Vivid colors

Over the years I've purchased a lot of replacement color cartridges and found swift ink sells one of the longest lasting cartridges with great colors to date.

Antonia S.
78 color replacement ink cartridge in my 960HP desk jet printer. It replaced the HP 78XL.

The colors were fine in the greens, blues and reds. However, the flesh tones colors seem to be coming out too dark. Other than that, thank you for continuing to provide color ink cartridges for HP 960 printers. I will continue to use your services.