How to resolve HP “Cartridge Problem” message

You may have encountered a firmware update issue if you receive any of the following error messages, especially if it appears unexpectedly after installing a new cartridge.

Cartridge problem : One or more of the cartridges may be missing or damaged
Cartridge problem : Remove and reinstall the indicated cartridges
Cartridge problem : Cartridges have been blocked by the printer firmware becuase they contain a non-HP chip

To fix the “cartridge problem” message, you need to revert the firmware to the proper version. Download the appropriate version for your printer below:

Run the downloaded file. Your computer may give you several warnings about opening the file. This is normal and you may proceed. Click the button that says “Select All” then click on “Update”. This will start the update process. Once complete, your cartridges will work again.

Note: You must do this on a Windows computer as the files are not compatible with Mac. If you have a Mac or are unable to perform the steps from a Windows computer, please contact us to set up an exchange for the cartridges.

How to resolve hp “cartridge problem” message
Note: If you get a “failure” message, please restart your computer and printer, then try again.

How can I prevent this issue from happening again?

Turn off your update setting so you don’t get affected again in the future. Here’s a 30 second video that shows you how to do this:

What if I’m not able to perform the above steps?

If you are unable to successfully revert your firmware using the steps above, simply contact us and we can help you return the items to exchange them for the new version cartridges which will work with your updated printer.

* Reverting your printer firmware may affect other functionality. Please see your printer support page for more details.

9 thoughts on “How to resolve HP “Cartridge Problem” message

    • Swift Ink says:

      Sure. If you don’t have access to a Windows computer, just contact us to set up an exchange. All items can be exchanged if they are within the 18 month guarantee period.

  1. Terri Brewer says:

    This did not work for me. I was not allowed to select the printer, the select button was grayed out.

    • Swift Ink says:

      Hi Terri. There are a few suggestions for this issue.
      – Make sure you downloaded the correct file on this page.
      – Make sure you’re running the file from a computer that can print to this printer.
      – Try to restart the computer, and printer, then try again.

      If none of this works and you bought the cartridges from us, contact us and we will swap them for you.

  2. Oktay Dzhafer says:

    I did it for my HP OfficeJet Pro 7740. It managed to ubdate it on second try, but still didnt accepting the inks. Anything else i can do?

    • Swift Ink says:

      Hello Oktay. We would recommend to contact the seller of the cartridges to see if they will allow you to exchange them.

    • Swift Ink says:

      Thanks for this information. May I know where you purchased the cartridges from? You can try the steps on this guide, but if it doesn’t work you will need to replace your cartridges with the newest version chips.

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